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Emily Maguire is the Managing Director of Reflections Talent Agency. She has a variety of experience in the entertainment industry; ranging from producing films to acting and modelling and mentoring up and coming talent.

Emily started out in the industry as an actor at the age of 14 and after taking a variety of different life paths, found that her heart was still with acting and decided to hone her craft. Training in London at The City Lit and East 15 on a 1 year intensive acting course and taking various classes with the actors centre.

Starting out as an actor was fundamental in how Reflections was formed. Using her insight and understanding of how actors need to be treated as the central basis for the agency’s ethos.

Reflections opened in 2012 and has fast become known as one of the top agencies in the industry known for providing quality talent in the UK and Ireland.

More details about Emily's extensive work history can be found via her website or by clicking her photo above.


We specialise in supplying actors for TV/Film and Stage.

We also offer the facility to cast your projects. Should you have any projects in need of casting, please email info@reflectionstalentagency.co.uk with all the details. 

*Note for actors* we only accept actors who are registered on Spotlight and have a showreel, and have at least 3 professional credits. Please do not apply unless you fulfill this criteria.


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